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Experience hassle-free management of your chip tournaments with our easy-to-use, comprehensive software.

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Save $20 with the yearly plan


$ 10
  • Month To Month Payments
  • Unlimited Tournaments
  • Player Database
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Suitable for any pool hall or stream.

One Year Plan

$ 100
  • Save $20
  • Unlimited Tournaments
  • Player Database
  • Free Updates
  • Money Back Guarantee

Great option for weekly tournament holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

An easy-to-use billiards chip tournament app, Good Tourney allows you to run billiards chip tournaments quickly and easily.

In a pool chip tournament, every player is assigned a number of chips based on their rank. Chips are distributed according to your ranking. Chips are given away if you lose, and the winner stays on the table.

Good Tourney is a very user friendly app. It takes you step by step in adding your players and setting up the tournament. If you still have questions view our tutorial on the homepage.